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The German-British singer Laura Hemingway was born in Lüneburg in 1998 and grew up near Munich.
She sang in the Bavarian State Youth Choir and received funding from the Bavarian Singing Academy.
From 2017 to 2021, Laura Hemingway studied for a bachelor's degree in singing with KS Prof. Andreas Schmidt at the University of Music and Theatre in Munich. Since October 2021, she has been continuing her master's degree in concert singing with KS Prof. Christiane Iven in Munich. She received further musical and vocal inspiration from Sabine Lahm, Fritz Schwinghammer and Rudi Spring, among others.
Since October 2021 she has b
een a scholarship holder of the “Studienstiftung des deutschen Volkes”.

As part of her studies, Laura Hemingway has so far appeared in various productions of the HMTM's "Music Theatre in the Reaktor". She was involved in "liminal space", a premiere in cooperation with the "Munich Biennale" and sang Serpetta in "La Fanta Giardiniera" and Pamina in "The Magic Flute" by W. A. Mozart.

Latterly within her studies Laura Hemingway changed from soprano to mezzo-soprano.

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In July 2023 she took the solo singing role in „Scene of a nocturnal reminiscence“ (Szene einer nächtlichen Reminiszenz) - a miniature opera by Marko Jukić and Hannah Wendel. This mono-opera being part of „Playlist“, a writing workshop of the Ludwigs-Maximilians-University and the HMTM, was performed in collaboration with the „Kammerspiele München“ as well as the Bavarian State Opera and was received to critical acclaim. 


Apart from appearances as a soloist, Laura Hemingway sings in various vocal ensembles. In the summer of 2018 she took part in a premiere of the Bavarian State Opera's Festival Workshop of “Die Vorübergehenden” by Nikolaus Brass (director: Marie Jacquot).
This solo vocal ensemble later developed into the “LauschWerk” ensemble, which is directed by Prof. Martin Steidler. With this ensemble she has sung in concerts of vocal music by Heinrich Schütz and in recordings of the “Chigi Codex”, one of the most important music manuscripts from the period of Franco-Flemish vocal polyphony. The ensemble performed in the Elbphilharmonie Hamburg in September 2023. 

Laura Hemingway has also sung with the “capella sollertia” (under the direction of Johanna Soller) and is a member of the chamber choir of St. Peter in Munich. With the young ensemble “Vokalzirkel” she most recently took part in the opera production “Angel’s Bone” by the composer Du Yun at the Augsburg State Theater.

Last updated: October 2023


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